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Import & Export to or from ( United States and Europe )

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For those you buy horses in the USA and are looking for a quaranteen place for their .horses at a reasonable price , we now have a quaranteen station in New York region. We are accredited and are able to help you out in transporting your horses .

...Weanlings babies arrive in Paris , France and the Yearling to adult horses arrive in Hamsterdam, Holland.

  • Quaranteen in Qc. available to all :
  • We now can quaranteen your horses either for Export or from Import , and this EVEN if you buy your horses elsewhere . We are accredited .by the Canadian Federal Agency , a federal vetanary can be called at all time , and mostly our instalations are conform to the rules of the Federal export and import Agency All this at more than reasonable prices. Give us a call.
  • ARRIVAL in Hamsterdam

  • NOW available
  • ..... boxes made for 2 -- 3 -- 4 or 6 babies... Better INDIVIDUAL .............................confort for each of the babies.
  • Trucking your horses available :
  • .... if you have horses going or coming back
  • from the USA , or Ontario.
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