In 1998, Marlène and I , decided to combine together our Paint and Quarter Horse breeding farms so as to be able to offer our clients a wider array of horses with the best possible foundation pedigrees. Our main goal was and still is , to be able to offer competitive prices while also keeping up the quality of our horses and of course our famous after sale customer service.

But also give the chance to people to realize their dream and discover this fabulous world of horses , which is still ours after all these years .

After more than 15 years of beeing together, Marlene decided to go for a retirement from the breeding programm but will still show our horses in the show pen. As for me I will still continue a little while, this passion for horses is really not just a way of living for me but in my case a way of surviving . Should be almost retired in December 2014 . We will keep the weanling section, the breeding section , exteror quaranteen and for the rest on order only .

Our young back up is now in training and doing more then well.

More then 38 years of experience plus disposition, conformation, color and mental attributes have made the reputation of our horses. Thank you to our faithful customers who have trusted us for so many years and welcome to the new and prospective ones, that I will continu helping as much as I can.

Diane & MarleneLeduc